Due to this being the final Cabin Fever Event for the foreseeable future, we are excited to announce that we are bringing our past Cabin Fever Fighters and their families back to the 2019 Cabin Fever Event held on Saturday, March 16th. We will also be bringing back some of our Cabin Fever Heroes to celebrate with our Fighters, while having a ton of fun in the process!

The Fighters have been the Honorary Captains at the Cabin Fever Bean Bag Tournament Events throughout the past six years. We’ve been able to meet them on-stage at the event and learn about their difficult journey of battling cancer. We have also honored families who have had loved ones affected-by, or passed-away from, cancer. We are looking forward to seeing all of these brave Fighters at this year’s event. Some are still enduring their difficult and challenging journey with cancer and some have been blessed to find out that they no longer have evidence of the disease. We will learn of their status and how their lives have evolved since we last crossed paths.

Please join the in the celebration with us at 3pm on Saturday, March 16th at the Rochester Event Center.


2013 Fighters

Ana VanKoeverden
Lindsey Ward
Wyatt Deno
Austin Hosfeld
Hunter Mundfrom

2014 Fighters

Lydia Pankratz
Wade Reynolds Family

2015 Fighters

Emma Crossman
Isabella Schlatter
Carter Simonson
Jon Hoopman Family
Lacey McClain
Bryce Thalmann Family

2016 Fighters

Nora Wegner
Brennan Miland
Hannah Keehr
Irv Gage Family

2017 Fighters

Charlie Thomas
Jack Cassidy
Connor Johnson
Hunter Gifford

2018 Fighters

Meela Hoover
Maddie Engle
Courtney McGill
Anna Malmquist Family

The Supporting Cast

We are so pleased to have the following individuals team up with these kids in our fighter round. Please welcome our heroes Marcus Sherels from the Minnesota Vikings and Roo Yori the 'K-9 Ninja' from American Ninja Warriors.

KTTC's Jess Abrahamson and Tom Overlie will be our MC's for the Fighter Round! Thank you Jess and Tom!!

And THANK YOU to all the supporters of the Fighter Round. Because of you, this will be a special moment for each of our strong, courageous Honorary Tournament Captains!

Please join us in celebrating these fighters' journeys by cheering them on during their game at approximately 3 PM.