Day of Event Activities

We've got a lot of great activities planned for the day. Here's a partial list of what you'll see:
  • 128 team bean bag tournament – featuring 4 separate flights
  • Huge silent auction with spectacular items
  • Live auction with 6 great packages
  • Awesome Raffle with 25 prizes ($10/ticket – max 2500 tickets sold)
  • DJ
  • Red Carpet Photo Booth
  • Chair Massages
  • Hammerschlagen!
  • Minute to Win It
  • Face painting, hair bling, and kids activity table
  • Dress up in your favorite, festive cornhole costume and win prizes
  • Honor Board
  • Food and drink

The Rochester International Event Center has graciously donated the use of their facility for our event. Please help us thank and support them by purchasing food and beverages.

All proceeds donated directly to cancer research via Eagles Cancer Telethon.

General Schedule

10:30 Doors open! Registration & Silent Auction begins
11:00 Pool 1 starts, Lunch is open, hourly door prizes begin
12:00 Pool 2 starts, Face painting, Hammerschalgen
1:00 Pool 3 starts
2:00 Pool 4 starts
3:00 Fighter Round & Live Auction
4:20 Bracket play begins
4:30 Silent Auction starts to close
5:00 Costume contest
6:00 Final Silent Auction Closing

Tournament Schedule

The 128 team field will be broken into four pools. Locate your team name and the pool you are playing in to determine your start time. Please arrive a MINIMUM of 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled start time. All teams advance to the bracket round regardless of how you do in the Pool play. Please feel free to come early to participate in the many other events going on that day!

D-Bags (Jason H. & Tony D.)
The Waterboys (Darin N. & Eric M.)
Ship Bags (Zack G. & Mike E.)
BRING IT (Mike T. & Chad W.)
Hole Patrol (Cory B. & Brandon F.)
Puck Wild (Taylor Z. & Ross Z.)
2 Old Bags (Judy S. & Bill S.)
Buzz Kill (Scott K. & Matt B.)
Brown Baggers (Luke B. & Jessie B.)
Schmidt & Giggles (James S. & Kelly S.)
Pack Attack (Cami T. & Brad T.)
Here For The Beer (Heidi D. & Alex S.)
84 Tigers (Daniel S. & Drew S.)
Fishin' Fools (Jeff P. & Perry E.)
We're Here for the Beer (Jeremy K. & Andrea K.)
Amish Electric (Jay J. & Amanda J.)
Sack to the Future (Nicky R. & Jason K.)
Team Groehler (Jared G. & Janelle G.)
Team Nicole (Rick A. & Todd S.)
Young Buck, Old Fart (Tony G. & Myca R.)
Spicy and Moonshadow (Bridget O. & Boone L.)
BS ers (Ben J. & Sarah J.)
VS Family Farm (John S. & Lisa S.)
BagPipes (Stephanie A. & Sarah H.)
The Cornchuckers (Wendy H. & Tony H.)
Survivors (Ryan I. & Josh B.)
2 Bitchin' Bags (Summer M. & Krissy E.)
MURL's (Mike M. & Mary M.)
Awesome Sauce (Jeremiah L. & Carlie R.)
EZ Baggin (Elyse S. & Zach S.)
Big Cox (Steve C. & Kelly C.)
To Cheap For Charity (Todd M. & Mike S.)
Bass Holes (Justin D. & Jackson D.)
Vino Vixens (Jenny A. & Cheryl W.)
The Abusement Park (Carl G. & Chris L.)
Mag Bags (Drew M. & Tiffany M.)
Schweaty Bags (Travis H. & Bryan L.)
Baggin-n-Braggin (Chad B. & Jerry B.)
Mutt and Jeff (Jeff J. & Wendy L.)
Big Bag Theory (Beth D. & Wayne I.)
Rowdy Beavers (Jessica N. & Dan S.)
Watch Your Back (Katherine S. & Cassie K.)
Baggin for Beer (Kellie A. & Justin G.)
Ringers all day (Kyle R. & Megan K.)
Buzz Krue (Jenny B. & Brad K.)
Get in the Hole 2 (Dan W. & Tanya R.)
Check Your Six (Justin R. & Angela R.)
Hot Monkeybags (Gena H. & Angie S.)
Never Satisfied (Tim N. & Sam K.)
Soft-Core Corn (Joel M. & Adam E.)
Real Deal (Kyle S. & Jon P.)
Saggie Bags (Mary E. & Tracy O.)
Mac Pak (Denise D. & Tom M.)
Team V-Crew (Todd V. & Chrissy V.)
Bob's Hoe's (Adam B. & Bob H.)
Sleger Baggers (Casey S. & Katie S.)
Ol' Bags & Balls (Steve B. & Missy B.)
AO Squared (Amanda O. & Annie O.)
Hot Mess Express (Meghan I. & Stevie B.)
Get in the Hole 3 (Keith T. & Diane T.)
Baggin 4 Beer (Kelly B. & Jake K.)
Team Vino (Troy D. & Kathy D.)
Holey Moley (Aaron R. & Mark B.)
Dirty Bags Done Dirt Cheap (Matt D. & Brian H.)
The Bluffers (Al L. & Tre M.)
All Your Bags Are Belong to Us (Erik I. & Patrick I.)
The Brady Bunch (Patrick D. & Amy H.)
Team Drew (Joe L. & Chris S.)
Team BE (John L. & Marcus S.)
Prune Shooters (Annie J. & Malachi J.)
Beauty & the Sticky Beast (Adam K. & Amanda K.)
Sack Squad (John L. & Charity L.)
Last Bag Standing (Mike A. & Aaron V.)
Burnin Down the House (Matt A. & Rex G.)
Ready to Pop! (Cara F. & Kara M.)
Fish and Chip (Pam S. & Johnita I.)
Geology Rocks (Bill T. & Josh P.)
Corn Shiners (Julian C. & Cristin C.)
EZ Hole Finders (Eric K. & Zach K.)
BA Baggers (Bryce S. & Ashley T.)
Cornholios (Tim H. & Darin C.)
Team Mcgovern (Jim M. & Francie M.)
Bagisphere (Adam O. & Josh S.)
Green Bagstards (Jim E. & Ryan E.)
Old Sacks (Chris A. & Russ B.)
Dole Holes (Tyler D. & Amelia D.)
Braunasaurus (Andy B. & Ana B.)
Team Juan-ner (Danny B. & Donella H.)
Toss Me Softly (Jake B. & Dayton R.)
Bags & Beards (Sam D. & Brady H.)
Chicks from 96 (Melissa C. & Gretchen F.)
Bean Bag Ballers (Jeremy N. & Sheree N.)
Mankato Hole Pounders (Jason Z. & Perry P.)
Irish We Were Better (Kevin C. & JJ C.)
Minnesconsin (Joe L. & Krista L.)
Bulky Bags (Chris M. & Alex B.)
The Kasson Sack Slingers (Brandon O. & Julie O.)
T-Bags (Jordan T. & Lindsey T.)
K.C. (Kevin L. & Charlene M.L.)
Big Cobs (Dakota D. & Josh S.)
Guinness Dogs (Bryan T. & Paul N.)
SacDaddy N Brab (Isaic Y. & Brandon D.)
Saggy Bags (Dawn L. & Van L.)
Get in the Hole 1 (Mark W. & Laura W.)
Irish Gusties (Chris B. & Zach B.)
FrickNasty's (Eddie F. & Tierynee F.)
Single Serving Friend (Kim L. & Daniel J.)
Southern Baggers (Amanda H. & Stephanie E.)
Silent But Deadly (Drew S. & Cole K.)
Spencer Baggers (Josh F. & Jeff E.)
Byron Baggers (Pete W. & Doug P.)
Jelly Bean Green (Katie M. & Chris M.)
Bags for Bella (Angela S. & Jeff S.)
Team Carter (Cory S. & Craig M.)
Sassy Sisters (Linda N. & Cindy O.)
Binkin Bags (Matt O. & Kristin O.)
Lucky Shooters (Danny B. & Emily B.)
Bag Monsters (Mark B. & Jane B.)
Shackey's (Mike H. & James S.)
Jason Donald (Jason A. & Christopher F.)
Smokin' Bags (Tim G. & Joe P.)
Slick Wood (Lucas M. & Scott C.)
Weapons of Mass Consumption (Andy T. & Ross S.)
The Wrasslers (Danny O. & Brad T.)
1/2 In The Bag (Ben R. & TBD)
Caleb's Crew (Krissy O. & ?)
Flying Hellfish (Eric S. & Matt D.)
Cornholio (Jeff M. & Tom S.)