We are very proud and thankful for our sponsors!

They make our event possible. Please join us in congratulating and thanking them for their support!

Join Us!

Would you like to be a sponsor or a donor?
Please send an email to cfbeanbag@gmail.com and we will get back to you!

Here are the sponsorship levels available:

Platinum Sponsor - limited to one business ($5000 minimum Cash Donation)

  • Everything from the Legacy Sponsorship level
  • Included in all television/radio advertising as "Cabin Fever presented by"
  • Company logo included as "presented by" on website, social media and event marketing
  • 1 Free team entry

Legacy Sponsors ($750 minimum Cash Donation)

  • Everything from the Gold Sponsorship level
  • Full set of two bean bag boards professionally painted with your company logo. These boards are yours to keep after the event

Gold Sponsors ($500 minimum Cash Donation)

  • Everything from the Silver Sponsorship level
  • Company logo painted on bean bag board
  • Company logo on Cabin Fever website home page with link to business web site
  • Receive first rights to sponsor in subsequent years at this level

Silver Sponsors ($250 minimum Cash Donation)

  • Company logo on 400+ shirts
  • Professionally printed banner with logo displayed at event
  • Website exposure with link to business

Bronze Sponsors ($100 minimum Cash Donation, may purchase multiple spots, max 16 spots available)

  • Company logo or personal tribute/dedication on scoreboard
  • Website exposure with link to business

* All sponsors may provide marketing door prize/gift for 384 players and/or 1000+ guests

Donors (Silent Auction Items, Door Prizes, etc.)

  • Website Exposure with link to business

Big Ticket Sponsorship ($100 minimum retail value considered)

  • Company name listed on 2500 raffle tickets next to product
  • These are $10 raffle tickets with 25 items to win

Additional Information

  • Logo - needs to be vector based image (.eps) if possible in order to ensure the best possible graphic depiction on ads and t-shirts

Wondering what to donate? Take a look here at last years donations for ideas.